Our Story

Where Expertise Meets Innovation

Our foundation is built on real-world experience, having developed tech, web, and mobile applications for notable names such as UFC, WWE, NatWest, Cambridge University, and Shell. Our journey took a transformative turn with an ambitious attempt to launch a neo-bank, it paved the way for Doughnut’s inception—a venture studio designed to turn potential into success.

Our Mission

Doughnut is not just another venture studio. We are a collective of seasoned professionals committed to bridging the gap between a promising idea and a successful market entry. Our approach is grounded in practicality, leveraging our cumulative experiences to build resilient teams and validate innovative concepts.

Strategic Execution

Our methodology is rigorous and refined. By adopting the flywheel approach, we aim to minimize inefficiencies in the discovery phase, enhancing our ability to launch and scale ventures effectively. This strategic focus increases our likelihood of success, allowing us to consistently deliver results.

Why Partner with Us?

Our value proposition is straightforward: we’ve navigated the pitfalls of the tech startup landscape firsthand. From securing funding to managing development timelines, we’ve encountered and overcome the challenges that many entrepreneurs face. Our insights and strategies are forged from these experiences, providing a clear pathway to growth and stability for our ventures.

We are a holding company that creates, builds and identifies technology products.

Started by Axel Hunter who continues to guide Doughnut. His leadership, rooted in resilience and adaptability, shapes our approach to venture building. If you’re an entrepreneur with a vision, Doughnut offers the expertise, support, and community you need to succeed. Together, we can redefine the boundaries of technology and innovation.