We are a dynamic venture studio specialising in technology, with a keen emphasis on SaaS (Software as a Service) and mobile application products.

Welcome to Doughnut, where pioneering technology meets strategic investment. Nestled in the heart of Oslo, Norway, Doughnut is not just a venture studio; it's an incubator of success for the most promising SaaS and mobile application ventures. We specialize in identifying, nurturing, and scaling high-potential tech startups, transforming them into leaders of the digital age.

Why Invest in Doughnut?

Technology defines market leaders, Doughnut stands out as a beacon of innovation and entrepreneurship. Our unique approach to venture building and our dedication to supporting 'Tech Trailblazers' make us an ideal investment for those looking to tap into the lucrative tech industry.

  • Diverse Portfolio: By investing in Doughnut, you gain exposure to a carefully curated portfolio of tech startups, each with the potential to disrupt their respective markets.
  • Expertise and Experience: Leverage our extensive industry knowledge and entrepreneurial experience to mitigate risks and maximize your investment returns.
  • Market Positioning: With a strategic focus on SaaS and mobile applications, Doughnut is well-positioned to capitalize on two of the fastest-growing segments in the tech sector.
  • Community and Collaboration: Become part of an elite network of investors, entrepreneurs, and tech innovators, fostering opportunities for collaboration and co-investment.

Our Promise:

At Doughnut, we are committed to delivering sustainable value to our investors. We achieve this through rigorous due diligence, strategic growth support, and an unwavering focus on innovation. By investing in Doughnut, you're not just funding startups; you're fueling the future of technology.

Become a Part of Our Journey:

We invite forward-thinking investors to join us in our mission to sculpt the tech landscape of tomorrow. Whether you're an angel investor, a venture capitalist, or an institutional investor, Doughnut offers a unique opportunity to invest in the future of technology and reap the rewards of groundbreaking innovation.

Explore the potential of partnering with Doughnut. Reach out to us today to learn more about our investment opportunities and how we can achieve mutual success.